Run of tournament and regulations

The Grand Prix Düsseldorf will be awarded to the most successful couple in the 10 Ballroom and Latin American dances.

At the start of the tournament, all participating couples will be classified according to their level in Latin or in Ballroom dancing (C, B, A) in a classification round by the jurors. There will be three dances in the classification round:

– Waltz (LW)
– Tango (TG)
– Quickstep (QS)

– ChaCha (CC)
– Rumba (RB)
– Jive (JI)

After the classification rounds the competition starts with levels C, B and A in Ballroom and Latin Dance. The competition will take place according to the „International guidelines for the organization and regulation of same sex dance competitions” of the Dutch Dancing Organisation Equality dancE (Equality Rules).

Depending on the number of couples there may be danced several rounds (first, second and final round).

A dance couple must consist of two women or two men. Participants can start with different partners in Ballroom and Latin Dance. It is not allowed to start at different levels in the same section unless a couple wins at its level. In this case, this couple is automatically qualified for the next higher level.

A skating system is only applied in the final rounds of each level.

Female and male couples will compete together at all levels.

After the A-finals the champions will be determined. To qualify for the Grand Prix Düsseldorf you have to dance with the same partner in both sections.

Ballroom levels C, B and A:

– C:  LW, TG, QS
– B:  LW, TG, SF, QS
– A:  LW, TG, WW, SF, QS

Latin levels C, B and A:

– C:  CC, RB, JI
– B:  SB, CC, RB, JI
– A:  SB, CC, RB, PD, JI

All rounds are 1:30 minutes long. The first and the second round in Paso Doble (PD) stops after the second highlight. In the finals the Paso Doble stops after the third highlight.